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SUNY Cortland - Women of Color Celebration

Guest speaker at the 9th annual "Women of Color Celebration" at SUNY Cortland. 

Words from club President, Jessica Perez:  The "women of color celebration" is the only time in the year where we get to involve and recognize all of the empowered and successful women at SUNY Cortland. We do this by speaking words of encouragement with one another and also by rewarding those women who have inspired all of us. This year my club and I have decided that the celebration of women theme would be "take a walk in her shoes... Her story." This theme will represent the idea of all women having their own story and their own struggles that have helped them get to where they are. We want to recognize women on campus who overcame struggles to become the women they are today, this goes for faculty and students. The reason why wanted to choose this theme is because we believe that it is very important as women to recognize one another's accomplishments, we believe that in order to continue prospering we should learn from one another and actually think for a moment.. "Imagine taking a walk in her shoes." We want to give the women on campus the idea that we as women can achieve ANYTHING! It would be a great honor for us to have an educated and empowered woman such as MP Frias speak, on behalf of us all. Your words truly inspire many and it definitely would be perfect for our 9th annual celebration!