8:00 PM20:00

St John's University - Luces De Oro Banquet

Key note speaker for Lambda Pi Upsilon's annual banquet "Taste of Elegance: Luces De Oro"

Natasha Santana, President of The Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Latinas Poderosas Unidas Incorporated says, "Lambda Pi Upsilon chooses to empower women through learning about our cultures, history, and ourselves. We pride ourselves in being diverse, and nonetheless, a Latina poderosa in every aspect of our lives. Every year my chapter hosts Taste of Elegance, which is a formal banquet to celebrate our chapter's success and our organization's founding date. Each year we select a woman speaker to discuss the true beauty it is to be a woman. As a reader/follower of your blog and twitter account, I personally enjoy the topics you discuss. I feel like not many women know how important it is to express one's opinions, whether it be social issues or love. I believe you do so very well and in a manner that many can relate to. And so, it would be an honor if you came to our banquet and spoke as the main guest speaker of the night. The topic of discussion would of course be women empowerment and the importance of Latina women."

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to Sep 25

Scarlet: A Celebration of Latino Expression

  • 478 E Tremont Ave Bronx, NY, 10457 United States (map)
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Scarlet: A Celebration of Latino Expression

Coming to The Bronx for Hispanic Heritage month

September 24th 2015


Scarlet: A Celebration of Latino Expression is a night honoring the art, music, and food of our culture. The purpose of this showcase is to highlight the talent that comes from Latin and Hispanic countries, bring awareness to the struggle of immigrants in America, and fundraise for our community.

A portion of all proceeds will go to POTS  “Part of the Solution,” an organization in The Bronx (located on Webster Ave and 197th) that offers dozens of services to families in need. In a year, POTS serves over 25,ooo meals – 8,000 of them to children. Over 4,000 people are helped by their showers, barbershop, and clothing closet. Over 3,000 children receive back-to-school supplies, thanksgiving turkeys, and holiday gifts. They also provide legal representation to residents in risk of eviction. Every $25 raised feeds a family of four.


VIP / $45 / 6:00-9:00pm - VIP guests will participate in a Q&A and an open lecture style conversation with a special guest and writer MP Frias. The discussion will touch on topics like the Latin/Hispanic experience in America, immigration, life in the Caribbean, Afro-Latinx struggle, racism, The American Dream, nationalism, etc.

Guests will enjoy two spoken word performances, a performance from the Capoeira teachers at ABADA Capoeira Bronx, and a live band performing tipico and classic bachata music.

They will also appreciate authentic Latino/Hispanic appetizers, extra time to enjoy the live music and live art, ice breakers, and a book exchange. 

General Admission / $25 / 9:30-11:30pm  - GA guests will enjoy two spoken word performances, a performance from the Capoeira teachers at ABADA Capoeira Bronx, and a live band performing tipico and classic bachata music. 


mpfrias / Producer & Curator

Host Erykeffany Jimenez


Adeline Lulo / Photographer

Carlos Augosto / Illustrator

Chris Herrera / Illustrator

Gabriel Ferreira / Painter

Jeniva Quinones / Photographer

Jesse Ovalles / Videographer

Misael Cabral / Graphic Designer

Nelson Olmeda / Graphic Designer


Event PhotographerAilyn Robles

Event VideographerEddie Carvajal


JuvieLive Band / Tipico & Classic Bachata

ABADA Capoeira Bronx / Capoeira Practitioners

Rebecca Rivera / Spoken Word



More information available soon. Tickets can be purchased at   

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4:00 PM16:00

Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression

You are formally invited to "Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression," a showcase centralized on feminism and 'women supporting women,' overall.

The exciting night will be broken up into two sections: A dinner/ discussion, and performance/ gallery. And yes, all women!

  • Dinner/ Discussion: 4pm-530pm 
    • VIP guests will enjoy a 5 course gourmet meal prepared by Chef Diamond Wynn and an open bar with presenters. They will participate in a book exchange, intellectual discussions with strangers in NYC, and form meaningful connections.
  • Performance / Gallery: 6pm-8pm & 830pm-1030pm 
    • 2 extremely funny comedians. "We Stand Comedy"
      • Tara Cannistraci - Kimberley Hellem
    • 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners - First, they will pick a man from the audience and demonstrate a short self-defense course. Then, they will grapple with each other to show how badass women can be. 
      • Jillian DeCoursey - Vianca Jager
    • 2 Spoken Word Artists.
      • Frankie - @WonderFrankie from the MTV show "In The Heights"
      • Elizabeth - @Acevedowrites, artist of famous "Hair" poem 
    • Everyone will be free to walk around and appreciate the paintings around the venue, while interacting with other guests and performers. Artists will be participating in Live-Art during this time. 
      • @flordalis - photographer
      • Michelle Muzyka - paper sculptor 
      • @cocaineandcaviar - @mallyhennesseyy - @vvgras - @danielamariot - @crewzee - @malanyagrahamstudio



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10:00 PM22:00

Pace University - Girl Effect: Voices of the Unheard

Guest speaker for Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. Alpha Xi Chapter's "Girl Effect: Voices of the Unheard" event.


Helen Yu Holguin, proud sister of Sigma Lambda Upsilon: We are an organization of diverse, college-educated and professional women dedicated to uplifting traditionally marginalized groups by serving as a voice and means of empowerment. Each year our chapter hosts a Girl Effect Fundraising Dinner concentrating on a particular theme. The Girl Effect is a call to action to put girls at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda. This campaign has 5 goals and 4 principles that can create a better future for girls and end poverty for the world. If you would like to learn more feel free to visit www.girleffect.orgA portion of our proceeds from this annual event is donated to our LADYS Program, which stands for Leadership, Advancement, and Development of our Young Sisters. A mentorship program geared towards young girls ages 14-18.

This year our dinner is titled "Girl Effect: Voices of the Unheard." We will focus on those who are unheard and the people making initiatives to make a change. We are asking MPFRIAS to be our Keynote Speaker for this wonderful signature event! We feel that the power of your words on current controversial issues is unmatched. Hermanas of the Alpha Xi Chapter truly admire your work and believe you will make a huge impact in the Pace community. 

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12:00 PM12:00

SUNY Cortland - Women of Color Celebration

Guest speaker at the 9th annual "Women of Color Celebration" at SUNY Cortland. 

Words from club President, Jessica Perez:  The "women of color celebration" is the only time in the year where we get to involve and recognize all of the empowered and successful women at SUNY Cortland. We do this by speaking words of encouragement with one another and also by rewarding those women who have inspired all of us. This year my club and I have decided that the celebration of women theme would be "take a walk in her shoes... Her story." This theme will represent the idea of all women having their own story and their own struggles that have helped them get to where they are. We want to recognize women on campus who overcame struggles to become the women they are today, this goes for faculty and students. The reason why wanted to choose this theme is because we believe that it is very important as women to recognize one another's accomplishments, we believe that in order to continue prospering we should learn from one another and actually think for a moment.. "Imagine taking a walk in her shoes." We want to give the women on campus the idea that we as women can achieve ANYTHING! It would be a great honor for us to have an educated and empowered woman such as MP Frias speak, on behalf of us all. Your words truly inspire many and it definitely would be perfect for our 9th annual celebration!

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5:00 PM17:00

Albany University - The Essence of Womanhood

Guest speaker at Omega Phi Beta Sorority's Philanthropic Banquet.


Note from Omega Phi Beta's President (Alpha Chapter), Karen Guzman:

Why MPFrias? - MP encompasses what a strong and empowered woman should be. As a diverse organization made up of sisters with a variety of ethnicities and coming from different neighborhoods, we appreciate MP's pride in being from NYC with a Dominican background. Many of our very own sisters connect with her on this level. As a woman willing to inspire others, she is able to share her thoughts and experiences in her writing. As advocates for a cause we are very passionate about - Domestic Violence awareness, we value MP Frias' efforts to empower women and commend her on the strength to share a part of herself through her work. As an organization that focuses on the empowerment of our gender and all that is beautiful within our Womanhood, we are confident in presenting MP Frias at our banquet as a woman who embodies such qualities.

As a guest speaker - sharing her thoughts and goals for empowering women to our UAlbany Community, and the large support system that OPBSI has. Mpfrias' attendance will be highly acknowledged and appreciated within our community, as many students connect with being from New York City; growing up facing unforeseen circumstances and still, without a doubt, progressing - as many of our peers are first generation college students; sharing the Latino culture; and many, although it is not spoken about often face many struggles. Empowering and focusing on the progression of us as a people is our message to all. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Binghamton University - Palabras

Hosting Binghamton University's "Palabras" spoken word event for The Latin American Student Union.

Every semester The Latin American Student Union has an event called Palabras. This event is held to bring different cultures on campus together through the power of spoken word. It is simply an on campus poetry slam event. TLASU is the only Latin@ student organization on campus and we host this event to get everyone to come out and present their artistic work. We have had everything from people sharing poem, stories to even singing. Normally it is meant to be an intimate environment, but we do open up the floor to anyone and everyone. 

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