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Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression is a yearly event in New York City. The showcase is an interactive museum which focuses on feminism and 'women supporting women.'  Guests will enjoy a gourmet dinner and open bar.  They are free to walk around the venue and appreciate the paintings and live-art while interacting with other guests and artists. Every 20 minutes, the social event is interrupted by a performance such as spoken word, comedy, Jiu Jitsu, belly dancing, salsa, etc. Guests will also participate in an open discussion and Q&A with panelists such as Organic Olivia, Yaris Sanchez, Jasmine Mans, Elizabeth Acevedo, Sasha Merci, and more. 


"This event began as an art show in New York City where young adults were able to meet other like-minded people. The show was not meant to be all women - but after I started recruiting, I noticed that mostly men were applying. I put out a flyer requesting fashion designers to contact me and out of the 34 emails I received, only 3 of them were from women. It was jaw dropping. I realized that it's not that there aren't enough women in the field, it's just that for some reason, they weren't applying. At that moment, I came up with Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression, and as difficult as it would be, decided to limit the performers and artists to women only. It was time for them to step out and shine."

-mpfrias, producer and curator