It was not your fault.

You should take some responsibility, though…

You have to understand that a person’s mind is their most powerful adversary. It can play the role of an ally or a rival and at that point in time, it was your enemy.

It was not your fault.

The first time it happened, you swore you’d forgive and forget.  And I’ll admit it - you made some honest attempts… you really did. But that’s the main problem with thoughts: they’re snowballs. Something so minuscule and seemingly anachronistic, feeds off of a faint emotion and slowly drives you insane. Eating away at any slight chance of happiness.   Not returning a phone-call or breakfast with a friend is escalated into imaginary scenarios…

It was not your fault.

You tried to change. Minimized the sarcastic remarks, the arguments and ‘I don’t believe you’s.’ But it was too late; you were both already damaged beyond repair. Thanks to that wicked mind of yours. 

All of your troubles come from your inability to sit in a room by yourself.


                                                                                                                        #mpfrias – “Resentment”