Just Once

Can you ever feel the same love twice?

Are there stages?  Like steps of a ladder.

Once you love - you hurt - you learn; and next time you know better. 

Leaving that last level to be eternally stored,


ready to interrupt the next moment of temporary deja vu.

Hindering your complete attachment -

constant reminders and “remember what happened last time”’s.

Or maybe, 

that intense mind-consuming, 


instant mood-changing, blindness is a condition that can be repeated.

It’s years later and somebody makes you feel sixteen again. 

The thought that there is no other love like your first is a bit pessimistic.  I agree, your first love is the most genuine, the most pure.  Your vulnerability makes it sincere.  Your racing thoughts make it exciting.  Your daydreams make it real.  But, if it is not recurring, then what is the point?  Why continue dating or building relationships if nothing will ever compare to those vivid teenage memories?  Every other connection after those short-lived months or years as a child, will seem dull and mediocre.  

Granted, there is a concrete distinction between your first love and every other dating experience after that.

Your first love is memorable, but will never measure up to the authenticity, security, and maturity of an adult relationship.  

What was once infatuation later transforms into truly caring for somebody.

Reliance becomes a co-dependency.

Think about it, do you honestly crave those rudimentary feelings back?

Undeveloped emotions, temporary insanity…

I guess the question isn’t if you can ever feel the same love twice - 

rather, would you want to?

Once you love - you hurt - you learn; and next time you know better.