Calling All Women!

Here is something that might come as a shocker:  85% of what most men do is to impress, get, or keep a woman. 

Yes, this mean the reason they are obsessed with the gym, the reason they wear what they wear, act the way they act, speak the way they speak - the car they drive, the places they shop in - all boils down to this: HOW CAN I GET LAID.  

They go to clubs and spend hundreds on bottles and drinks - is it honestly because they just love the way Hennessy tastes?  

It is a proven fact that men are far better behaved when women are watching.  The more attractive they find her, the more good deeds they do.  This means that him helping that lady with her stroller up the stairs, giving up his seat on the train or donating to those kids selling candy (even though he ignores them every day,) is partly because you’re watching.  

Doesn’t it warm your heart when you see a man playing with a baby?  Yeah, he knows it does. 

Okay so now that we know their secret - what does this mean?  Once our women realize the full potential of the power we have, we can change the world as we know it.  The day that our women decide to only deal with men that are respectful, thoughtful, educated, motivated, ambitious, gentlemen, good fathers, good sons, etc., is the day that everything will be flipped upside down.  Because guess what - no matter how much of an asshole, sexist, dumb-ass, cheating ass, convict ass, deadbeat, can’t spell, no ambition having, no diploma getting, living in his mothers house for the rest of his life, girlfriend beating, disrespectful, corny, LOSER that man is, there is still some dumb broad having sex with him.  Hard to believe, huh?

Now think about it, what if that woman suddenly says “I deserve better.”  What will happen?

First of all - she will get a standing ovation from me.  And secondly, she will make that man, lets call him Billy, think once or twice about his way of living.  (We have to remember, humans, Billy is obviously not the brightest bulb on the porch, especially considering that he is the way he is, so her leaving is not going to phase him much.)  But, what if he continues to court other women and they all have the same complaint?

For example:

“I will not date you until you learn to respect me.”

“I will not date you until you get a job.”  

“I will not date you until you start taking care of your child.”

“I will not date you until you have an actual plan with your life that doesn’t consist of playing GTAV all day.”

These are all probable warnings.  The day that all women decide that this behavior is NOT OKAY,  is when Billy will think - what the hell is going on?  He never even considered getting his act together because, lets be real, there are plenty of fish in the sea -- but what happens when not one fish wants to date him?  Well then, Billy has some serious reevaluating to do.

I just really wish I could scream it into the heads of these women! You do NOT have to put up with his shit.  There are over seven billion people in this world, why stress yourself over anyone?  To remind you how overpopulated planet earth is, check out this site  - Crazy huh?

Now to focus on another point that pisses me off:  When women say “he never treated me the way he treats her.”  I’ve seen this happen way too often.  The same man that you call an asshole, that doesn’t respond to your texts, and only invites you to his house at night -- is asking me to dinner, sending flowers and opening doors.   WHY?  Repeat after me: People will always treat you the way you allow them to.  Every single time.

When you’re getting to know someone, you’re walking on thin ice… You’re starting to understand what they like and what they don’t like.  Well, that’s the perfect time to lay down the ground rules.  

For example:  I am a person who finds humor in everything.  One thing that I will not tolerate, however, is rape jokes.  I honestly just cannot wrap my head around how someone being raped and violated is funny.  No, it doesn’t have to do with the context and no I do not have to hear it again - it is a real experience, that happens to real people, and should not be taken lightly.  Something else I find upsetting is the word ‘bitch.’  Over the years, we have been desensitized towards that word and many others (for ex. nigga, ho, slut.)  Words that are degrading, humiliating and initially meant to belittle, are now being thrown around as if they’re the opposite.  

These are obviously points that I make clear when I meet someone, and I am very happy to say that the people around me actually excuse themselves or apologize when those words do slip.  Of course, I know that when I am not around, they will speak the way they want, and that is perfectly fine with me… as long as you respect my presence.  

As you can see, I have a bad habit of going off on a tangent when I speak/write.  Lets retrace our main points:

1.  Women, you set the rules (EARLY ON). Men will either accept or keep it moving.  Most of the time they simply abide by them - it’s too much work to disagree.

  1. Love is a mental condition that makes women forget that there are 7 billion other people in the world.  Don’t take anyone’s bullshit.
  2. Men’s lives revolve around getting laid.  Know this and you can rule.  
  3. If you ever had to stop and think you deserve better, YOU DO.
  4. People will always treat you the way you allow them to.  
  5. Never date anyone named Billy.
  6. If you see a cute guy doing a good deed 9/10 it’s because he saw you first.

The main purpose of this post has been to impart a sense of urgency and empowerment in our women.  I need you all to seriously come together, focus on bettering yourselves, and stop letting these losers walk all over you!  

Btw, I know that ALOT of men are reading this right now.  I gave away your secrets, please don’t hate me.