Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression 2018 Ticket


Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression 2018 Ticket


Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression is a yearly event in New York City. The showcase is an interactive museum which focuses on feminism and 'women supporting women.'  Guests will enjoy a gourmet dinner and open bar.  They are free to walk around the venue and appreciate the paintings and live-art while interacting with other guests and artists. Every 20 minutes, the social event is interrupted by a performance such as spoken word, comedy, Jiu Jitsu, belly dancing, salsa, etc. Guests will also participate in an open discussion and Q&A with panelists discussing social issues such as feminism, racism, gender identity, and reproductive health. The purpose of this event is to bring intellectuals together, and to promote the talent that women in New York City have to offer while simultaneously shedding light on powerful issues.

Date: August 12th 2018

Time: 4pm-10pm

Location: Harlem, NYC

Performers: TBA

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