The Scarlet Event is a yearly event where we bring everyone together to celebrate all that women of color have to offer. From visual art to performance art, the magic they spread is always absolutely amazing! Videographer: Jesse Ovalles

When a person decides to become a writer, they compromise their privacy.  The sense of ownership that comes with certain mediums, such as diaries and journals, is taken away once you choose to go public. Your memories no longer belong to you, your words are an open field, accessible to all who are curious enough to read or listen. 

A writer has to be willing to share his or her work, and sometimes even go unrecognized for the sake of the art.  I’ve come across my words on Facebook statuses and Instagram pages  on accounts of people I know, and those I’ve never seen before.  

Almost instinctively, I would become upset.  My thoughts, my words, my feelings  – were being praised and my name was nowhere to be found.  Since then, I’ve been very selective about what I post and share...

Until a recent conversation which gave me a change of heart.

Writing is not about acknowledgement. It is about inspiring... Causing somebody else to think, feel, or question something they haven’t before. Taking the reader to a place as real as your mind is.

Confession: I’ve been holding out on you.