MP is a feminist residing in NYC with roots from the Dominican Republic.  She is a writer, student and educator who speaks about current issues that are both controversial and relatable.  Her work is directed towards the young, inner city demographic (18-32) and her passionate and relentless ways has won the support of thousands of loyal readers.


Yet this distance, all those abysses unbridged and then unbridgeable by radio, television, cheap travel and the rest, was not wholly bad. People knew less of each other, perhaps, but they felt more free of each other, and so were more individual. The entire world was not for them only a push or a switch away. Strangers were strange, and sometimes with an exciting, beautiful strangeness. It may be better for humanity that we should communicate more and more. But I am a heretic, I think our ancestors’ isolation was like the greater space they enjoyed: it can only be envied. The world is only too literally too much with us now.
— John Fowles, The French Lieutenant's Woman