May 12th

Hi everybody! 

First off, I want to thank my amazing readers for all the support I've been receiving.  My work is literally blowing up right in front of my eyes - it's incredible.  Let me update you:  my blog (linked to blog-spot) has received 33,000 views in the past three months.  Though about 90% of those page visits are rooted from the United States (thank you!), there are also a big amount of viewers in Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, and The Dominican Republic.  Yeah, hard for me to believe, too.  

I also want to take this time to re-invite you all to the Gotham event I am participating in, which will take place in Harlem on June 1st (6pm-11pm)!  It is going to be phenomenal!!  Please email with your name in order to RSVP.  This will guarantee you a discounted ticket and grant you a chance to win artwork.  

Bear with me, people.  I will have new material for you by the end of this week. 


love you all!!